This post has been provided by JetBlack MTB Racing Team rider Michael Brown.

Martin and Juliane from Rockytrail Entertainment, one of the team sponsors, again hit the brief on bringing people out into the winter cold and having a crack in the awesome series. Some fast teams lined up in the rider's list with names like Luke Brame, Scott Reynolds, Owen Gordon, Scott Mulqueeny, Jason English and someone called Dave Pickles. Unfortunately with Andrew Fell coming down sick this meant the usual battle between the old boys (Felly & Gordo) and young guns would not eventuate this round.  Cant wait for Stromlo.

Weather Gods had the tracks dialed in for a cool start but sunny day.  The wind that eventuated and suddenly subsided at 4pm was fun !!!!  JB Headquarters set up and the the team rolling around for a sighting lap where a very dry course was set.  10km of fun with not alot of climbing = tiring day.  As the field was hearing the riders brief Martin Wisata reminder riders of the gap jump in the final 300m of the track and caution was to be had.  As you will see one of our riders was aiming for best stack of year award in his attempt to tackle this. Thankfully Mark Bernardinis survived with alot of grazes, bruised body  and battered his day was done on lap 1.  Heal up mate.

Juniors is something that our team prides itself on and encourages and this round was no different.  Had some inquiries from parents on how their kids get involved with our team which is always great.  On the track Iona took out 1st place in the solo 4hr category,  Candace and Bree won the Under 18's pairs and Aidan competing in an Under 18hr solo 4hr (10 years old) finished 3rd.  Podium comments from Martin was 'love the size difference.'

With such a fast course it was going to be a wheel to wheel battle in many categories all day.  With the usual pre-race jibs between the Old boys of Dave Pickles, Shad Haose and myself battling Nathan Johnson, Troy Laughlin and Elton Judd it was on like donkey kong.  Pickles and Troy started and come in end of lap one together - this is where the disaster started during the day (let's call it flat).  8 corners in the front end of my bike felt loose - on checking a very low pressure front meant hold it together for this lap and recover.  As I dropped 2 minutes this lap and Troy handed over to Elton he faced a rear brake that decided to come off the holder and damage the rear rotor (mechanical).  At this stage we had gained a 6 minute lead but with the young boys fast we found ourselves in the red at the end of day and again 2nd in GC.  

Scotty Reynolds and Owen Gordon smashed the field and finished a lap up taking the outright GC.  Jason English finished an amazing 2nd in outright against the rest of the field. Battles see-sawed all day with Tom Morwood and Dave Collins swapping 1st to 3rd but held 2nd by the end of the day in the pairs 7hr.  Michael Crummy had a day of mechanicals which saw him down the field.  Michael Olsen had a mechanical free race on a course with not much climbing which suited him and finished well.

All the team podiums


Under 18's Solo - Aidan Judd (3rd)

Under 18's Pairs - Candace Brown / Bree Judd (1st)

Under 18's Solo - Iona Reynolds (1st)

30-39 Solo - Michael Olsen (5th)

30-39 Solo - Michael Crummy (8th)

40-49 Solo - Chris Anderson (7th)

40-49 Solo - Kevlar (11th)

40-49 Solo - Jason Mayne (16th)

40-49 Solo - Rodney Watts (19th)

40-49 Solo - Michael Southall (20th)

40-49 Solo - Nards (3rd)

50-59 - Solo - George Greig (4th)

30-39 Pairs - Pablo / Gary (4th)

30-39 Pairs - Daniel Mufale / Mario (5th)

40-49 Mixed - John Reynolds / Sussana Mills (1st)



50-59 Solo - Peter Rohr (5th)  1st ride back from major injury - super effort

50-59 Solo - Dalane Pretorius (3rd)

18-29 Pairs - Scott Reynold / Owen Gordon (1st)

30-39 Pairs - Tom Morwood / Dave Collins (2nd)

40-49 Pairs - Kurt Saunders / Grant Pople (1st)

30-39 Three's - Nathan Johnson / Troy Laughlin / Elton Judd (1st)

30-39 Three's - Brodie  Johnco / Stephen Curtis / Mark Bernardinis (3rd)

40-49 Three's - Michael Brown / Dave Pickles / Shad Haous (1st)

40-49 Three's - Gerald Osman / Ian Charles / David Leckie (4th)

50-59 Three's - Steve Burman / Peter Robinson / Ron Gorbould (1st)


Another great race for the team but at the end of day getting people along to races and involved is the main focus for our group.  It is such a great environment to be involved with and each year we grow a little more by being there and supporting everyone.  If you want to become a JB racer then catch up with us at a round and get on board.

Next race for the team will be at Taree in the 6hr PBM Hardrock at some of the most amazing trails in the country.  Bring it on.

Hit some dirt,  have some fun and chill out!


President JetBlack MTB Team