Some people get their kicks from jumping out of planes, driving racecars or even running with bulls in a foreign country. There aren’t any bulls in Nambucca but we can help you find the fastest flowing mountainbike track on the North Coast of NSW – no bull!

Take your bike on the Rollercoaster at Jacks Ridge. Chief trail designers Brian Cockbain and Ian Porteous wanted to bring themepark thrills to the masses, and the result is a masterpiece. Measuring over one kilometre long, their smooth, swooping singletrack rides like one big long rollercoaster, where you can hit speeds of over 60km/h if you’re game.

Riders saddle up at the trailhead, which starts innocently enough and flows back onto a fire trail before your legs have warmed up. Then the track suddenly veers to the right, sending the unwary hurtling as the track picks up speed. Your heart rate will hit an all-new high as you hit top speed and follow the natural fall of the terrain. That new noise is the wind whistling through your toothy grin. Welcome to the Jacks Ridge rollercoaster!

But it’s not over yet. Climb up Serpentine Hill to Jack’s next feature – Boris Karloff, aka Frankenstein’s Monster (or “that big scary log”). Choosing the right gear is critical as you tackle the ramp. Your toothy smile will freeze in place as you traverse this 25-metre log roll. Don’t look down – Boris has lifted you over two metres from the ground. Back at sea level, you take on kilometre after kilometre of some of the sweetest, fastest flowing singletrack around. Before you know it, you‘ll be back at the trailhead and saying, “We have to do that again!”

Need to Know

Toilets No

Drinking Water No

Parking Yes

Trails Signposted Yes

Mobile Reception Yes

Shelter No

BBQ Facilities No

Camping No

While in the area, also check out Tired legs? Take the day off and drive to Scotts Head Beach, it’s a ripper

Local Bike Shops There are great local bike shops in Macksville, Coffs Harbour and Kempsey, all within easy driving distances

Local Club Contacts OCAL CLUB CONTACTS Facebook Nambucca Valley Cycle Club or visit

Regular Events NVCC host many social and racedays, fitting in with surrounding clubs’ calendars and the area’s race series. Basically, you can find a ride every weekend

Jacks Ridge acts as the main artery track, feeding 8.6 kilometres of track. The local ‘Human Chainsaws’ are out on the track most days, growing the network. A full loop will take you less than an hour, and we can guarantee you’ll want to go again.

Local Knowledge

Nambucca Valley Cycle Club (NVCC) is a club that can help you out with anything you need to know.

Within half an hour of Jacks Ridge are Coffs Harbour, renowned for its 100-kilometre ‘Pleasure and Pain,’ and Kempsey, home of the popular ‘Phat Wallaby 6hr’. So there is plenty on offer for the Pacific Highway tourist. All you have to do is stop.

Best Time of the Year

Jacks is good all-year round, though early mornings show the beauty of the bush best. It’s a good place to test your lights and skills on a night ride. The tracks at Jacks Ridge cope with the weather surprisingly well and can be ridden after rain.