From Mystic Mountain Bike Park, through to so many war stories from national championships and national rounds, to local enduro races - a lot of mountain biking takes place in Bright. And when you consider that locations like Mt Beauty and Falls Creek aren't that far away, the township in the Alpine Shire really shines as somewhere for a mountain bike holiday.

This September 8th, the 5Zero event brings a fresh social ride challenge, centred around conquering a course with 50 kilometres of gravel trails from Bright to the epic Clear Spot lookout, with the event organisers aiming for zero environmental impact.

Along with providing a challenging route, the event will also raise funds for the Alpine Community Planation (ACP), the community-led not-for-profit body that allows recreational activities to take place within the HVP pine plantations of the Alpine Shire, where 5Zero will be run. So it's giving back, without making an impact.

Who doesn't feel grateful for Mystic? Photo: Matt Staggs

Event organiser, Marthijs Heuperman from Bright Brewery, says the new event was born from a desire to support the community with a fun adventure activity driven by sustainable practices.

”5Zero is about bringing together a great charitable cause with the amazing views and experience provided by riding the trails around Bright,” said Mr Heuperman. “We all ride for different reasons. The fantastic gravel and mountain bike trails in this beautiful location makes for an awesome experience, which we want more people to enjoy.”

“Alpine Community Plantation do a lot to make this possible for the many locals and visitors to Bright, but they can always do with more assistance, so that’s how riding 5Zero can help.”

“ACP needs regular funding for trail and road maintenance, signage, repairs, new infrastructure, administering events, communications between user groups and HVP, and for the regulatory compliance needs of maintaining a not-for-profit.”

Mr Heuperman explained that the zero footprint goal of running the event is aligned to Bright Brewery’s core values and ensures the protection of the alpine trails and environment for future generations to enjoy.

“Along with support from the QANTAS Future Planet scheme, we will be able to use carbon offsets from their scheme to assist in reducing the carbon/material waste footprint that often comes with running an event like this,” said Mr Heuperman. “For example, we won’t be using any printed maps or course signage, relying only on digital maps from GPS apps like Strava. There will be no use of zip ties on course or single use rider IDs. Course marshals will be on E-bikes and the food provided will be package free, freshly made by Bright Brewery’s kitchen. Also, every rider will receive a Keep Cup for coffee and beer, instead of using single use cups."

Photo: Matt Staggs

Course details

There are three course options to cater for riders of all abilities. The main route will include 1300 metres of climbing over 53km. There are also 13km and 38km course options available. It also means that no matter what kind of bike you have, there should be a way you can take part and show your appreciation for what ACP do for mountain biking in and around Bright.

“The event will combine many of the elements that make for a great experience when visiting Bright – epic cycling, craft beer, gourmet local food, live music and family fun,” said Mr Shaw. “Whether you have a mountain bike, CX bike or recreational bike, we want you to gather your friends and family and head to Bright this September for a new adventure on two wheels with zero environmental impact.”

Need more details? Head to the event website.