Fox have just launched the direct to consumer program - Fox Factory Tuning - with a soft opening on popular trails on Sydney’s Northern Shore. Fox Factory Tune or FFT is a service for custom tuning and upgrading previous generation forks and shock internals. Ordered online, the service and install will then be facilitated by the Australian distributor for Fox, SOLA.

What does this mean? Well Fox want to offer you, the same perks that they offer the top riders. The best tune so that you can get the most of your time on the trails.


What can you expect?

The FFT is triple fold. Want to update your 2016 fork to 2018 internals? Do you just want the new EVOL air shaft or the more important fresh damper? Why not both. Do you need a firmer tune in your fork or shock? Or are you craving that new more ergonomic lock out lever? All of this can be done, all  in one order or if you only want some additions, piece by piece.

With data collated from the numerous bike manufacturers FFT can offer a personal updated tune specific to you and your bike. All tuning, dampers and air shafts are upgradable from 2015 era Fox Components and onwards. This includes models 32,34,36 and 40 forks and DPS and X2 shocks.

If your fork or shock is starting to get a little old, why buy new? You can install 2018 internals and receive all the benefits at potentially half the price.

How much? That’s being finalised by Fox currently, along with the offical launch to public.  We will have ride impressions and more from our session with the FFT in AMB 163 and the rest of the details as they become available.