The Fox 34 Step Cast (XC) shares the same new look arch and crown as the new Fox 34, but has the Step Cast lowers. The Step Cast design has moved the cut away from being an outie, to an innie – matching the 100mm Fox 32 SC forks.

The weight for the Fox 34 SC now starts at 1496g. Travel options are available from 100-120mm, in 44mm and 51mm offset and 29” Boost sizes only. The Fox 34 SC has a FIT4 damper on the Factory model, and GRIP on the Performance model. There's no GRIP2 as the lighter weight FIT4 is better suited to the 34 SC realm.

On the Fox 34 SC, there is the option to tune the negative air spring with a spacer, so you can get the fork feel just right on your race bike. If you use the spacer you'll keep a racey and firm feel off the top of the travel. Without it, it's a little more supple. So, 120mm forks won't have the spacer as stock, but 100mm Fox 34 SC will.

So what fork is right for you? The Fox 34 has always been the light and fast trail fork and it will continue to be. It's now just lighter and stiffer, while still carrying over the option to run GRIP2 as in 2021.

However, the Fox 34 SC is now lighter again, and may prove to be the ultimate choice for cross-country, downcountry and aggressive XC-oriented bikes. Given you can run the fork in 100mm, 110mm or 120mm options, who wouldn't choose greater control from the 34mm legs over the 32 SC? The 34 SC has a 2.4" maximum tyre size.

Pricing starts at $1389 for a Fox 34 Performance, running up to $1739 for a Fox Factory 34 with remote lock out.