Zelvy have made a name for themselves in the carbon mountain bike wheel game in a pretty short time, with riders like Ben Forbes using them here in Australia, but also while contesting the Enduro World Series (EWS) around the globe. It seemed fitting that we should test some out.

A claim such as "the toughest carbon rims on the planet" is pretty bold. But our test set on built on Industry 9 Torch hubs are proving to match the claim that Zelvy put out there. Chris Herron is putting them Zelvy wheels to work for a review right now - but so far, so good.

How's that marbled finish?

Chris did note that the internal width did very a little, running between 28.7mm to 29.1mm. But, as he pointed out, that's no unusual with carbon rims. With tape and valves installed from the wheel builder, Chris set the wheels up tubeless with no issues. With a Maxxis Ardent 2.4" on the front and a Maxxis Aggressor 2.3" on the back. One tyre inflated easily with a Bontrager Charger track pump, and Chris used an electronic inflator for the rear - which is a bit slower. But it beaded up fine.

On the trail, the engagement of the Torch hubs is incredbile. But as Chris used the same tyres he uses on his alloy wheels which have a narrower internal diametre, he is really noticing the ride difference. The wheels are stiffer, and track better in cornering. They are holding up well even being pushed hard on the trails off drops and across gaps.

So far, the Zelvy wheels live up to their claim. But check a coming issue for the full review.

Need more wheel details? Head to the Zelvy website.

All photos by Chris Herron.