The Shotgun Tow Rope is about as simple as it sounds - except every single finer detail has had attention paid to it. The makers of the popular child's seats are turning their hands to a whole bunch of equipment around getting kids on bikes, and the tow rope is a simple idea executed to a very high standard.

We all know how useful getting a tow or a push can be. Kids just don't have the same power to weight ability to get up the hills on even mild trail networks, and if you're a parent of a micro or mini shredder you'll know the scenario. See hill, sit down, cry. The tow rope may let you completely avoid that!

The tow tope and bum bag are a useful combination. The tow rope is elasticated enough to take out the ebb and flow of a rider on a bike, meaning the chance of a slingshot effect is greatly minimised. The bumbag creates a handy storage option for when you don't need the tow rope, while also allowing room for basic spares, snacks or trail souveniers.

The attachment points are tool free and simple, with the pilot having the two rope slung over the saddle.


For the rider getting the tow, the attachment is simple and centred. We can't think of a bike this wouldn't work on.

The combo we have here sells for $145, or you can get the tow rope alone for $110, and the bumbag alone for $45 (they call it a hip pack...). The system is load rated to 225kg, which means exactly what you think - it can tow adults as well.

So while this system might make rides with kids an all smiles affair, all the time - it could also be a handy addition to your group ride bag for dealing with mechanicals and big kid melt downs.

We'll have a full review coming soon.