Back in 2020, Earshots released their bluetooth headphones that used a magnet and soft silicone to wrap around your ear and stay in place. Whether you were riding, working in the shed or going for a run - they stayed in place really well. They were really comfortable, and being able to take calls with them and use them in 'solo mode' (which is one only) made them fantastic to use when riding. You can read my review of them right here.

They weren't perfect though, as the style of fit had a few limitations, notably for smaller ears and some ear shapes. So some riders may have found they weren't as stable as they could be.

A new model has just been released, with some major updates over the original model. Many things remain the same, like the option for Solo Mode, the charging case, and the completely recycleable packaging. It's all recycled cardboard, with just the Earshots, charge case and cord in the box. 

The magnetic earclip remains, which keeps the front end (with the speaker) connected to the back end (which handles connectivity) around your ear. This may sound rudimentary, but there's 5 years of design behind the materials used. All the contact with your skin is soft and comfortable.

There's better sound as well, especially with more bass. What's really cool is how they balance ambient noise (ie, your bike, nature, other trail users, vehicles) with what you're listening to. Kind of like how a Zoom or Teams call screens out the external chatter and focuses just on what you need - but better.

There's a better fit thanks to the shape of the front of the ear piece, which Earshots say can fit in 5 different positions. I'll have to find a few more ears to test it on, but so far, so good.

Battery power is also up to 10 hours, and the charge case has indicator lights to show how much charge is left.

There is one button on the back of each earpiece, and pairing it with my smart phone was a cinch. Using the buttons in single, double or triple presses takes care of skipping a track, taking a call, going back a track, screening a call, and turning them on or off. But not volume - that has to be from your device.

So far, the setup has been easy, and just like the OG Earshots they're very quick to get going. They've been comfortable on around the house and around the shed, with excellent voice pick up for taking phone calls as well.

But there's more to play with, trail time to be had, and some tech to dig into. So I'll have a full review in AMB Issue #195, which will be on sale in late March.

RRP: $278