With a lot of expectation hanging on the 2021 World Cup and Enduro World Series (EWS) mountain bike season, DHaRCO have just announced that they have signed a two-year deal with COMMENCAL / MUC-OFF as their clothing partner for the UCI downhill World Cup series.

Let that sink in. An Australian company from Sydney's Northern Beaches is sponsoring some of the best international mountain bikers in the world, alongside Connor Fearon and Kyle Strait.

The high profile COMMENCAL / MUC-OFF team has an impressive roster of riders including Myriam Nicole, 2019 World Champion and prior World Cup overall winner, Amaury Pierron, previous UCI World Cup overall winner, and the up and coming Thibaut Dapréla, currently ranked no.4 in UCI standings after a stellar performance first year in Elite and following on from two Junior World Cup championships.

World Cup racing can seem pretty intense and success requires dedication from riders and all team staff and supporters. But the team have a genuine love for riding and having fun - which is a perfect match to DHaRCOs own riding ethos. DHaRCO is also excited to work with the team as part of the brand development on performance, product feedback, and to be a part of their journey taking on the world’s best.

”With all the negatives of COVID, one positive has been international expansion and the demand for DHaRCO worldwide. With more people riding bikes and wanting gear that represents what they love about the sport, we think it’s a great time for us to work with a high profile team and really continue that growth.” said Mandy Davis from DHaRCO. 

Photos: Keno Derleyn