Stage 2: Boranup Forest

This stage will feel a world apart after the first stage. Starting and finishing at Leeuwin Estate, you do have 72km in front of you. But don't worry, there is less climbing than on Stage 1 with just 620m - but it's all fast!

The singletrack through Boranup Forest is lightning quick once you're off the farm roads, but don't forget to keep fuelling the fire as otherwise it can be easy to run out of juice on the sandy trails before descending to the beach.

The climb out of the beach is a bit of a long drag, then you're back onto the dry trails with limestone rocks to throw in some natural features. Or hazards, depending on your point of view. After a view fast farm trails you're back to Leeuwin Estate, and I reckon you will have earnt your burger or something tasty.

Feed the machine!

Make sure your bike is ready for Stage 3 as you're about to take on Middle Earth!