When choosing an eMTB it can be a numbers game. What battery life do you want, for what weight penalty? Do you need lots of torque? What sort of range will I actually use? How heavy is it - and what does the bike actually cost?!  Bosch owners (future and present) will be happy to hear that Bosch have popped the hood of their Performance Line CX motor and given the numbers a nudge via the software. There are now new motor control features, increased torque of up to 85 Nm, and further advances in eMTB mode. Bosch say the riding experience is even more natural, intuitive and powerful. 

Performance Line CX software - what's new

The biggest news is the Extended Boost that increases assistance on difficult sections. With a maximum torque bumped up to 85Nm in both Turbo and eMTB modes, you can get full power with a wider range of cadences. So, enough to clear that section when getting a consistent pedal stroke in might not be so easy.

"This enables unpredictable riding situations to be mastered even more effectively," explains Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems. "Delayed gear shifting, for example, is better compensated and acceleration out of tight turns is much more powerful and dynamic." This also means you have more power readily available in technical sections. The change is said to be jolt free even when out of the saddle or in Turbo mode.

The eMTB mode is more advanced with increased sensitivity when starting on rough surfaces. This should mean there's less chance of breaking traction, and more chance of getting moving! In eMTB mode, Bosch have designed the software so the motor support progressively adapts to your riding style, depending on the pedal pressure.

With new sensor and motor control functions, the system is said to feel more natural across a range of riding styles and cadences. Claus Fleischer explains: "The retuned eMTB mode gives a further noticeable improvement of the bike's handling on the trails. There is greater traction control and start-up behaviour is much finer and more sensitive, especially in low gears." Consistent with the increased torque, the drive unit supports a wider cadence range and eMTB mode delivers the right power at any given moment.

How do I upgrade?

The software update will be installable by specialist retailers starting in summer 2020 and is available for all eBikes fitted with Performance Line CX from model year 2020 onwards.

The new Bosch Nyon commputer

The new Nyon on-board computer can be fully connected to the digital eBike world of Bosch eBike Systems. Nyon automatically synchronises your ride data with the eBike Connect app and its online portal. Nyon can provide navigation, essential data on ride statistics and expected range given the current level of support you're using. The whole menu system is operated via a touchscreen. We've had mixed success with the mountain bike environment, touchscreens, full finger gloves and moisture - but Bosch say the unit works in wet and dusty conditions with smartphone friendly gloves.

With a 3.2-inch high-resolution colour display can have the brightness adjusted or the backlight used. You can also manually choose between a dark or bright display with maximum contrast. The Nyon can be installed in two mounting positions, either above the stem or over the handlebar. The information shown on the display can be configured to your individual needs.

Route planning can be done via the eBike Connect online portal and transferred it to the Nyon computer. Routes from the Outdooractive platform are available now and routes from the Outdoor app komoot can be imported.

Navigation is controlled using the touchscreen. So any destinations can be entered manually or selected on the map. The required map section can be zoomed in on by your fingers. You can save the current location and even navigate back to it if you wanted to. Notification tones during navigation tell you when to make a turn. The Nyon computer will also show you how far you'll get on the route given the support mode you're using. And to help keep overly ambitious goals in check, the Nyon knows whether the destination can be reached with the selected support and while on the move, it provides an early 'heads up' if a different mode should be selected to improve the range.

Keeping you on track

The Nyon also acts like a bike computer with a heart rate monitor does. So it shows energy use and tracks your cardio performance, and all files can be uploaded to Strava. You can also use the Nyon computer within your family, so each rider has their own account.

"You share the on-board computer with others, exchange exciting routes with friends and show them exactly where you are. eBikers today want smart, digital solutions that increase riding enjoyment on their eBikes. And with Nyon, you will have the ideal on-board computer for your personal Connected eBiking experi- ence", explains Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems. "The connected functions of Nyon also include the 'Lock' premium function for digital additional theft protection. And even more connectivity functions that enrich the cycling ex- perience will follow in the future."

The new Nyon on-board computer is available for retrofitting from specialist dealers from around September 2020 and is compatible with all Bosch systems from model year 2014 onwards.

Updates to Kiox

For 2021, Bosch is adding navigation to the compact Kiox computer. You can also also customise the ride data display. Using the bike Connect App and online portal you can access ride syncing via Bluetooth when your ride has finsihed.

"We use regular software updates to introduce new features for our on-board computers, while also continuing to optimise the way our products work. This is something familiar from smartphones and TVs. It is the same for our connected on-board computers. This is how we ensure that eBikers will enjoy the connected experi- ence for a long time to come," explains Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems.

The new Kiox functions will be available as a software update from summer 2020 onwards and will be synchronised automatically. The on-board computer is avail- able for retrofitting from specialist dealers from summer 2020 and is compatible with all product lines from model year 2014 onwards.

Need more details - get in touch with Bosch Australia.