BikeYoke are best known for their dropper posts, with the popular Revive and lighter weight Divine and Divine SL seen on many bikes, both on the trails and on then world's best. And that's regardless of sponsorship. The German brand pride themselves on making products that work as they should, and they actually started making new yokes for Specialized bikes - hence the name.

So, grips? They are a contact point you may not give a lot of thought to until you have a really rubbish pair. BikeYoke considered the shape, size, material, damping, texture and much more to see if they could make the ultimate grip. Still, given personal preferences, it's likely the ultiumate grip for some, not for everyone. And BikeYoke readily admit that with their new grip, called... Grippy. It's a single ended lock on grip designed with more than just looks in mind.

Key details for BikeYoke Grippy

Honeycomb design

BIkeYoke noticed that on some grips, the rubber is already wearing after a few rides. So while the damping may be awesome, the wear is too fast. For Grippy they used a surface structure reminiscent of honeycomb, using a material that provides very good feel and grip, yet it is stiff and sturdy enough. You can't actually twist the rubber, which helps keep wear as little as possible.

Inner sleeve cutouts

For even more damping on the outside palm area (you know, the area that goes numb) BikeYoke designed cut-outs into the inner Nylon support sleeve, so there is space for more rubber all the way to the handlebar. The result is more damping and support of the critical outside palm area.

Eccentric/offset design

The Grippy, while featuring a circular diameter is offset from the middle axis. BikeYoke state that thin grips usually allow for a firmer/better mechanical grip, while thicker grips can give more damping and comfort. The offset design creates more damping where you need it - on the rearward facing side (palm side) of the grip towards rider side - without increasing the overall diameter of the grip. It goes hand in hand (pun intended) with the inner sleeve cutouts.

Integreated Endcap

BikeYoke find that the outer ends of some grips tear too easly due to lack of endcaps, or just a design that isn't sufficient. The black, integrated endcap has two functions: a tapered shape for feedback and a solid end for protection.

The Grippy Deets

Rubber material: TPR
Inner sleeve/endcap material: Nylon
Clamp material: aluminum, forged
Color clamp: titanium grey anodised
Weight: 113g/pair
Length: 140mm
Diameter (rubber part): 31mm
Colours: Pink, Orange, Lime, Blue, Black

From: BikeYoke