Earlier this year it was announced that Canyon Bikes would be opening for business in Australia. What does that mean, for a company that ships direct to consumers?

In this case, it means there are dedicated staff in Australia, with fast shipping times for bikes from overseas to your door. Plus, you've got local people who know and understand the demands on bikes in Australia, working right here.

Canyon are acclaimed in Europe for the quality of their bikes, their research and development, and their pricing. While Canyon Australia should be up and running later in the year, we took a look at Canyon Australia head honcho Darryl Moliere's Spectral, which he uses on his local trails around Brisbane.

The Spectral 9.0 CF EX is a carbon fibre 27.5" bike, with 140mm of travel via a four-var linkage - the RockShox Pike is set at 150mm. This bike is pretty much stock, save for a few changes. There's a guard on there, a shorter Renthal stem to keep the handling sharp, and a 30t chain ring for the steeper pinch climb around Brisbane.

The Spectral is long and pretty slack, and Darryl runs an XL with his shorter stem to get the ride he wants. He has ditched the chainguide, as in reality the riding around Brisbane isn't as rocky and choppy as the Alps.

If you're curious about the bikes or brand, head over to their website and stay tuned for Australian pricing later this year.