The entire schedule of the Australian National Champs saw a restructure following the cancelling of the downhill yesterday. The first day instead turning to one of non stop XCO practice. Why that surely feels a little less action packed to you the reader, it was anything but. 

The trail crews have created one of the gnarliest cross country trails in some time.
Less for it's aggressive downhills (and they are aggressive) but it's the addition of some truly abusive climbs that make this a tough course. Add in that a lap takes anywhere from 10 to 12 minutes and this is going to be a couple of days of punishing racing. 

The midday was spent in rego before riders headed out on sighting laps. Within an hour and a half there were three casualties and a course hold was put in place, the main rock garden seemed the culprit. Lines were sighted and when the hold lifted it was game on. There was always a crowd at the rock garden. Steep and technical with multiple line choice there was plenty to discuss and still will be tomorrow.

That wasn't the only feature to stump riders, a heavily inclinated climb out of a creek kept plenty stumped, while a drop up higher saw a few riders come acropper. There is no telling what a couple of laps and fatigue will do come race time. The first starting tomorrow, with the XCC and the team relay in the afternoon. Stay tuned to AMB for more.