On Friday 28th January, AusCycling and Shingleback Off Road announced a partnership for 2022. This sees Australia's peak cycling body align with Shingleback as their brand of choice for bike racks.

Given who the new Shingleback Sport and Boost models are more versatile than ever, working with bikes from BMX bikes through to road bikes, AusCycling have found a partner that covers the breadth of their member base.

Of the partnership, Agostino Giramondo (EGM, Commercial, Clubs and Community) said 'whilst AusCycling looks after the bike rider; Shingleback looks after your bike. Shingleback have developed their incredible new Sport and Boost bike racks to offer an unrivalled level of flexibility for multi-discipline riders and their families. Their goals align very well with AusCycling, and it’s a pleasure to be partnered with a local company who is continually innovating their products with functionality and accessibility in mind.'

TESTED: Shingleback 2B90
TESTED: Shingleback Classic
Shingleback release new Sport and Boost racks

The news also made mention of promotional discounts for AusCycling members and community groups, which is what most AusCycling members would be focused on in terms of member benefits. AusCycling members can redeem a 10% discount on Shingleback Off Road racks via the members page.

Andrew Taylor (Director and co-owner of Shingleback Off Road) said 'the partnership reflects a union of commitment to supporting families and communities load up all their bikes and head out for a ride, race or road-trip - with ease, safely and with a trusted 100% Australian-made product.

This news comes right after Shingleback Off Road announced their support of the Ride-Nation programme to support youth cycling initiatives. We reckon it's great to see Shingleback supporting the progress that AusCycling is starting to make, especially with the potential for direct benefits via promotional pricing for AusCycling members. You can see all the member benefits on their website