Words: Joe Dodd                                                                                         Photos: Chris Herron
SRAM AXS has been released recently and we got our hands on an XO1 kit to show you how to upgrade your current bike.
As there are no cables or wires, the setup is totally different to any other group set. You need to pair the shifter and rear derailleur to make sure they are taking to each other.


Pop a fully charged battery into the mech. You’ll notice a small button just in front of where the battery plugs in. Press and hold this until the light above it flashed slowly. Now grab the shifter. Press and hold the button on it until that green light flashes quickly on both units. Press the button on the rear mech to finish the pairing mode. They are now connected.


Now you are set up, click through the gallery at the top of the page to be guided through the installation process.