The middle weekend of November marks the inaugural Thredbo MTB Opening of each year, and this year the opening Saturday was plagued with rain, providing mountain bikers with a fun slush spread across the three trails Thredbo has to offer.

The DirtArt trail-building crew smashed out the building work on all three trails, with changes from top to bottom on the downhill, flow, and all-mountain trails, providing riders with something different as opposed to last season.

Despite on-and-off light drizzles throughout the day, riders’ spirits remained high and very stoked to be at Thredbo for the start of another awesome season. Some of Australia’s best made it down for the weekend – with Graeme Mudd taking in the muddy conditions and the Crimmins brothers making it down for a fun day of riding as well.

Sunday however saw blue skies with clouds scattered across. By lunchtime, the bog-pits had mostly dried and the tracks were all running super fast, leaving riders enough time to smash out as many runs as humanly possible.

Norco Bicycles Australia have now been brought in as the official hire bikes, with the Aurum downhill, Range enduro, and firetrail cruisers all being offered in package deals.

Have a flick through the slideshow for a weekend summary!

Keen to head to Thredbo? Get some details about the bike park right here.


By Nick Waygood