Photos: Matt Rousu

If you ever have the chance to go an watch the UCI Mountain Bike World Championships, don't make the mistake of missing the Team Relay. It can be one of the most exciting events, fuelled by close bar to bar racing, national pride, and a lead that changes throughout the race.

"It's good, it is probably the most technical course that is on the circuit and historically it has always been that way," said Evan james of MTBA. "Everyone has stepped up well and I think everyone is getting through everything they need to."

The Team Relay gives riders the opportunity to do something they can't do in practice, and that's see the course in a race sceanrio. This is really useful for racers, who can open it up completely and see how they're travelling on the race course, both physically and in terms of their lines.

Australia finished 9th, a few places up from 2018, beating some XCO powerhouses like The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Germany and others.

The Swiss took another gold medal. They tend to win a lot of them in XCO. We're keen to see how things progress for the Australians this week!