Downhill practice started on Thursday, and shifted to qualifying today. And for the first time, riders need to qualify to be able to race the final - something that hasn't happened at World Champs before.

So far, Australians have qualified well, although a few riders are injured and won't be making the start. Aaron Gungl has broken a bone in his hand, after a bit of a bingle on course.

"There's a rock triple jump and I stuffed up before it but I still went for it - but I cased it. I went straight over the bars and onto my wrist." said Gungl, sporting a cast and sling in the team tent. but, he's still keen to watch the racing to come, as being part of the team is a huge highlight.

"The vibe here is sick, it's such a cool place," said Gungl on Lenzerheide.

Kye A'Hearn had a blinder on his run.

"The track was heaps better in qualifying than practice this morning. It's dried out heaps. But in the woods it's still real slippery." A'Hearn as qualified in 3rd in Junior Men DH - and is one of the favourites for the title on Sunday. Kade Edward of Great Britain has qualified fastest in Junior men, while in Junior Women Valentina Holl will have the lead for Austria.

Tegan Molloy came down and qualified about 15th.

"I'm not certain, but around 15th, but I had a pretty good run. I had to overtake a lady in front in not a very good spot. But she pulled over quickly and I just tried to be smooth and hit all my lines. I tried a few new things this morning as it was a little bit slick, and I just stuck with that in qualifying, but things may change a little bit if it dries up again."

The team is all hanging out heaps and super supportive, plus eve

"It's a pretty cool team vibe, the Juniors are all pumped, for a lot of them it's their first World Champs. It's great to be alongside them and the whole Aussie team is pretty sweet."

Preliminary results have Brook Macdonald has qualified fastest, with Connor Fearon 3rd in elite men. Rachel Atherton qualified fastest in elite women - with Tracey Hannah in 4th. Sunday will be epic!