Despite the low numbers in terms of competitors, it was still amazing to see such strong sportsmanship. Everyone was helping each other with advice, or just having a chat before the competition kicked off.

The Trials National Champs for Sports, Expert, and Novice kicked off at about midday on Saturday. Crowds were drawn in thanks to Kingy on the mic, and the spectator numbers soon made it difficult to move around. They all watched in astonishment at the amount of skill that goes in to competing in Trials at a national level.

The Trials event that took place can also be known as ‘Observed Trials’, meaning that competitors can’t and don’t have any chance to practice the actual course, but have the freedom to walk the course and jump up and down the obstacles as if they were on a bike.

The arena was split into 3 sections containing a range of obstacles for riders to negotiate their way through - including logs, cable spools, concrete pipes, pallets and wooden crates. The basic guidelines of the competition are simple;
· Competitors can ride the sections in whichever order, with each section to be ridden 3 times.
· Sections have numbered markers for each category and must be ridden in order, within the 2 minute time limit. Exceeding time limit results in penalty points.
· If a competitor dabs a foot, they are given a penalty point, to a maximum of five. If they completely dismount the bike, they are given an instant five points and that attempt of the section is over.
· Rider with the least penalty points at the end, wins!

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With a quick rider briefing outlining the above guidelines, they kicked right off with the competition.


Nathan Mummery, 1st in Elite Mens

Sidney Caufield, 1st in Sport Mens

Janine Jungfels, 1st in Expert Women

Le Hua, 1st in Expert Men