Words: Joe Dodd                                                                                         Photos: Chris Herron
Get your bike running to the millimetre, PSI and Nm with a collection of precision workshop tools.

Digital inflator
Having a pump with a digital gauge will take out the guess work with an analogue gauge. It will allow you to get correct pressures every time, some down to the .1 of a PSI.
Digital pressure gauge
If you don’t have a pump with a digital gauge on it, a separate gauge like this is perfect. Consistency is king, so once you have a gauge stick to it!
Chain checker
Every tool collection should have a chain checker in it.
Digital shock pump
Get you forks and shock setup perfect every time with a digital gauge.
Torque wrenches
We have 3 here:
1 adjustable travel one for 4-6Nm
1 small one for 2-14Nm
1 one large one 15-65Nm
Cutting guide
A must for cutting steerers. It keeps the cut straight and precise. You can also use it to trim handlebars.
Hose cutting tool
A sharp blade that will cut through hydraulic hoses cleanly ensuring a precise fit.
Digital Vernier calipers
Allow you to get accurate measurements of all sorts of things.
Sharp knife
Very handy for a collection of things, from lifting stickers, cutting grips and well – many things!