Chris Herron on proper degreasing and keeping hubs spinning

Head Mechanic at Summit Cycles

“I have been using Chemtech CT-18 for over 20 years to wash my bike. Using it concentrated on the drivetrain and diluted on the rest of the bike removes even the nastiest grime and grease. A good plethora of different size brushes allow you to get into the most awkward of areas on suspension bikes, especially amongst the linkages and between the hub and rotors. Places most people never clean.” (NO IMAGE)

“Once the bike had been wiped down with a lint free cloth, I recommend hitting the drivetrain with compressed air to remove all moisture so chains and cassettes don’t form any surface rust, especially Shimano drivetrains.”

“Give your main drive mechanism in your hubs some attention. This may be a trip to the local for some much needed attention, or an hour or so in the garage after a bike wash. The pawls and springs in your rear hubs freehub will need a good degrease and re lube to reduce the chance of freehub slippage.

If it’s a DT Swiss, Hope, Industry Nine or Chris King freehub or the like, then this is as simple as removing the freehub body and getting all the muck and grime out of the moving parts and reassembling with some freehub compatible grease.This will ensure another 12 months free of  knee to stem impacts after the freehub body slips.”