Joe Dodd on making your bike feel new again

Mechanic and potter

“Switching out your old sticky, worn grips is a little touch to make your bike feel a little newer. Not only does it look better, you’ll instantly feel it in your hands!”

“A quick brake bleed can make a huge difference to how your brakes will feel. A full bleed, and replacing worn out pads will make them feel heaps better. Lubing pistons will also help them move more freely and improve braking performance.”

“After detailed cleaning of your bike, consider using a bike specific polish such as Maxima SC1. These polishes will leave your bike shiny whilst also leaving a protective film over the polished parts. This not only makes future cleaning easier, but makes your bike look like brand new. You can use it on the main parts of your bike (frame, fork and wheels) but be careful not to spray your rotors or brake calipers!”