Ryan Walsch on general cleaning and maintenance

Bike tester and head wrench for Fixed by Ryan

“My bike clean and servicing usually includes removing the shock so I can inspect the linkage bearings and clean around all the moving parts, take cranks off, sometimes the bottom bracket and headset depending on how they feel and the ability to get behind things and inspect how moving parts are going. Chain off and in turps and/or ultrasonic cleaner, rinsed dried and lubed.”

“I make a habit of checking my tyres for damage, and ensure the pressure is exact for each ride.”

“When dealing with wheels, I take the hub end caps off and check the bearings and freehub BEFORE checking the wheels are true. There is no point truing and dishing wheels and then having to replace bearings.”

“If you're going all in, a lower leg service and air can service of your rear shock is worthwhile. Otherwise I recommend cleaning the stanchions and shock body each ride if ride was dirty, use  a silicon spray or fork juice.