Lachlan McKillop on silencing rattles

SRAM Technical University manager

“A new bike for me is a quiet bike. We all remember our bikes before things are worn and start to rattle. Foam tubing on your internal cables is a must, preferably the full length of the frame.”

“3M mastic tape is another quick and easy one. A good place is under the cables where the cable can rattle on the frame. Also ditch the cable clips and replace them with zip ties. Those clips are neat but the cables rattle in them.”

“Confidence in your ride is a big part of making it feel like new. Bolts come loose over time because between a female and male thread there usually 30% of actual contact. Using a loctite or grease will stop these coming loose. When stripping everything down if the bolts do not need a specific loctite I use Morgan Blue aqua proof paste to keep everything in place and quiet.”

“Having a drivetrain sparkling and silent is a must, keep that chain quiet! I’ve tried a plethora of chain lubes and degreasers and my go to is Morgan Blue chain cleaner (you won’t find anything better, if you do it won’t be rated for bicycle chains). If you have the luxury of an air gun, blow the chain clean too.”

“Do you remember how quiet your new chain is? Smoove lube is the closest I’ve found to getting that back. Once the chain is clean I do one coat and let it set for 20 minutes. Then another coat and wipe off the excess. I let that sit for a few minutes then run a lighter over the links to get the lube to penetrate the rollers.”