Words: Joe Dodd                                                                                    Photos: Chris Herron
This Workshop feature we are going to walk you through how to remove and install a new fork. Scroll down to follow the step-by-step guide. 

Remove the front wheel, undo the front brake caliper mounting bolts and the cable guide.

Undo your stem bolts.

Remove the top cap making sure you are holding onto the fork. As soon as you undo the top cap, your fork will want to fall out of the frame.

Slide off the stem, and slide the fork out of the frame.

It is a good idea to lay out all of your headset parts in the order you remove them.

You will have to remove the crown race off your old fork. Every brand of headset will have a slightly different race, so it is important to swap this over.

Once you have cleaned the race, grease the inside surface of it.

Slide the crown race onto the new fork, and tap it on using a crown race fitting tool. The right sized piece of pipe may work.

Make sure there are no gaps and the race is on flat and straight.

Now is a good time to give you headset a clean and regrease. Wipe up any dirt and grime from the frame and bearings. Lightly grease all contacting surfaces, such as bearing interfaces and races.

Reinstall the headset, making sure you have all the parts in the correct order.

Slide the fork into the frame. Fit the stem and all of the spacers you require.

Using something sharp like a pick, score the steer at the top of the spacer. Make sure that everything is pushed together as tight as you can get it. This score mark is where you are going to cut the fork so make sure its correct!

Using a sharp hack saw blade and a cutting guide, cut the steerer. Always cut the steerer 3-4mm below the mark. This is so the top cap won’t bottom out on the steerer before being able to tighten the headset.

File down the steerer removing any rough edges.

Using a star nut setting tool and a hammer, hit in a new star nut into the fork. Most new forks will come with a new star nut, if not make sure you have one before you start. You cannot reuse star nuts.

Make sure you don’t have any left over filings on any of the races, bearings, of stanchions before installing the fork. Blow off any, or give the fork a wipe down.

Install the stem and headset spacers in the correct order. You should notice the 3-4mm gap under the top spacer.

Install and tighten the top cap to the manufacturer's rating. This should be so there is no movement back and forth in the headset and it is allowed to spin freely.

Make sure the stem is straight and tighten the bolts to the manufacturer's rating.