Breaking out of the routine of locally based racing and riding, which has shaped our time off -road for many of us, two of the JetBlack MTB Team have hatched plans to tackle the BC Bike Race. This multi-day stage race is arguably one of the most popular events for Australians to travel for, and year on year it has appeal for riders from around the globe. Here's how it's looking for Browny and Leckie, as told by Michael Brown.

On the trail to BC Bike Race

The wheels were set in motion back in 2020 that a 'pack was gathering from across the World' to tackle the famous BCBR. Leckie had spent a year abroad in Canada and got to sample some of the fine trails that this destination offered. Over a few beers the BCBR Browny & Leckie assault was launched - ready to take aim for 2021. Or so we thought.

Careful review and planning had commenced watching the numerous hours of footage full of singletrack heaven from the past events and people that had dared to take the challenge. It was evident extremely early that the training would need to be stepped up not only for the distance and elevation that the race had in store but for the technical terrain that lay ahead..

Through 2020/2021 a mix of world pandemics was making this dream of competing look like a big stretch. Nevertheless, dropper posts fitted to the XC steeds and we sought out trails that contained super techy descents and more challenging terrain. Weekends spent over in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, the Southern side around Kentlyn and the ACT allowed for all this skill improvement of getting to the next level for wait lay ahead.

A bit about us

Leckie has been involved in cycling for some plus 30 years from track and road but made the switch to the dirt some 6 years ago. Our paths crossed at MTB events as I had established Australia’s largest MTB team that has been racing for some 10 seasons now and this is where the friendship was formed. A common interest is to push the bodies and minds past the point at events across the country alongside our fellow competitors and teammates. You will get to see the preparation and planning that goes into this sort of event unfold plus spend the race week and post-event covering all the good, bad and the ugly.

With the 2021 event a no go, we have shifted our focus to BCBR 2022 which has moved to the Penticton region of British Columbia, a change from the West Coast to the Southern interior. The race now has a home base which allows for less day to day, stage to stage travelling and more time to enjoy post stages.  

2022 BCBR will explore the Okanagan region from North to South.  The terrain will be varied, the views epic and the riding thrilling. We will likely be stationed in two different locations to be able to explore further more of the region. We are expecting to start in the N. Okanagan and then head back down to Penticton in the S. Okanagan to wrap up the week.

What's new?

In 2021, racers tackled 6 days with 7 stages based around South Okanagan for the ultimate singletrack experience. The total distance was 224km with a vertical aascent total of over 6000m. 2022 will see some new courses set and race distances and elevation change but overall BCBR 2022 will be tough and challenging as all racers expect.

Why BC Bike Race?

One of the things I most enjoy about mountain biking apart from all the amazing people you meet is the destinations it can take you. I have been fortunate enough to MTB in Egypt, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand and of course all over our own backyard in the land down under. BC will again provide more unique and amazing trails to enjoy whilst sampling the incredible atmosphere that riders travel across the glove to experience with the BCBR crew.

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