Words: Will Shaw | Photos: Matt Staggs

Yep Components are a boutique dropper post manufacturer based out of Switzerland. Yep’s founder, Andrea Chiesa has a background as a professional race driver, so he’s deeply passionate about maximising mechanical performance and reliability.

The Yep Uptimizer 3.0 is the only product Yep make (aside from the previous generation 2.0, and the post’s lever). The post is offered in lengths from 80 to 185mm of drop, in 30.9 and 31.6mm seatpost diameters. I had the 155mm version in the 31.6mm diameter, which weighed 550 grams. The total length of the post is 457.8mm, and the minimum insertion is 204.5mm. These numbers are in the ballpark with other droppers such as the KS Lev Integra or RockShox Reverb Stealth, while a post like the One Up V2 requires less insertion. Whilst Yep doesn’t have the shortest lower portion of the post, this is because they believe there’s too much compromise to the post’s longevity and servicing intervals to do this.

The Uptimizer came as standard on the Revel Ranger I reviewed and the post oozes quality. You can customise your dropper to your frame with the addition of different colour seal collars and remotes, all of which are available through Off Road Bikes Online.

The Uptimizer was born out of frustration with the issues that have been present from the beginning with dropper posts. Constant maintenance, non-serviceable cartridges, and specialist servicing tools are all areas Yep wanted to improve on.

At the heart of the Uptimizer is an air spring, with an easily accessed external valve, allowing you to service the post while it’s still in the bike (although you do need to remove the saddle). The post is actuated by Yep’s 360 degree remote, which initially reminded me of Crank Brother’s original Joplin remote. Out on the trail the lever is a real joy, as only the lightest touch is required to actuate the post.

In the industry at present there seems to be two types of dropper post. One type has a cartridge that can be serviced, but often you need specialist tools to do so. The other cartridge type is fully sealed, which often leads to more longevity, but makes these droppers a throwaway item when they’re buggered. Yep claim to have the best of both worlds, with a robust but easily serviceable cartridge using only an allen key, a syringe, and a shock pump.

To perform a service is about as simple as it gets. Type Yep Uptimizer service into Youtube, spend five minutes watching the video and you’ll be good to go. Yep‘s size as a brand is evident, as Andrea Chisea is the person servicing the post in the video.

The air pressure of the cartridge is adjustable between 150 to 220psi to customise your return speed. Still traumatised by the original Specialized dropper posts slamming into my nether regions, I’d recommend something in the middle.

Customisation goes one step further with the Yep with air volume adjustability. If you’re after a progressive feel as your post drops, you can have that with the Yep. There’s also the option to adjust your seatpost’s travel by 5, 10, or 15mm with spacers that are included in the box.

I don’t have much to say on my experience with the Yep out on the trail, except to say that it performed flawlessly. The lever actuation is up there with the lightest out there, and the movement of the shaft is similarly smooth and controlled.

A small test I performed was overtightening the seatpost clamp, which can often impact dropper performance. The Yep took this in its stride, and continued to work as normal with its smooth, controlled stroke.

If you’re in the market for a dropper post that’s truly been designed from the ground up, and places the focus on reliability, ease of service, and customisation, the Uptimizer could be the perfect product for you. Yes, it’s not cheap, but for a product made in Switzerland and one that you can service in your garage rather than sending away it could be a wise investment for some. Add to this the fantastic after sales support provided by ORBO and the Uptimizer gets the thumbs up from me.

RRP: $839.95, Remote: $89.95

From: offroadbikesonline.com.au


High quality and top performance

Lots of drop options

Customisable finish and feel

Super light and smooth action


High cost

No 27.2mm