Take a look at some models from the mountain bike line of pedals from Californian brand, Xpedo.

 - Xpedo Faceoff

 - Xpedo M-Force 8

 - Xpedo GFX


The Face-off is, at first glance, a standard entry into the flat pedal market from XPEDO. It’s only upon further inspection that a few key features show that they’re serious about climbing the ranks as a key player in the market.
The Face-off platform consists of two aluminium plates in an S shape, threaded over the chromoly steel axle, with a Microcellular Ductile Urethrane (MDU) between cages.


Key features of the pedals include replaceable pins (included), the MDU, a hollow chromoly axle, and their feathery weight at 408g/pair (not much heavier than nylon pedals). This makes them a solid entry into the world of platform pedals. The two-tone black/silver also looked the goods and was aesthetically on point on a variety of trail bikes.
Riding the Faceoff, it seemed like the MDU definitely added a bit of ‘stick’ between your foot and your pedal: and this was with us using well-worn Vans. With a tacky, bike-specific FiveTen or similar, the pedal would feel as grippy as any high-end pedal.
The only downside for some riders is that the pedal itself is on the narrow side compared with other industry heavyweights (99x100mm compared to many others’ sitting around 105x110mm) which is splitting hairs for many trail riders, but for those with larger feet or who tend to hang off the edge of the pedal this may be something to consider.


We also don’t have long term test results of the longevity of the MDU, the axle or the alloy platforms, but with a few weeks use they seemed to hold up well. If you’re an all-day trail rider, or a gravity rider with a bike on a diet, these pedals could be for you. These are light enough to even pop on your XC rig to increase your flat-pedal riding skills!

-Well priced
-Come with replaceable pins and ability to easily take apart to replace MDU

-Slightly narrower platform than many leading brands
-Unsure of the longevity of MDU and S-Shaped platforms, and the ability of the two-piece design to take very heavy hits repeatedly

RRP: $124.95