We're on the tail end of winter, but if you're like me winter clothing has pride of place in your cycling wardrobe. There's nothing like the safety-blanket feel of a quality cycling waterproof jacket, wet weather trousers, gloves that let you still feel your finger tips and of course the baselayers that keep you warm but not doused in sweat.

As we move into the shoulder seasons, having the right items for the early morning rides is difficult. Shiver the first hour and be comfortable the second? Stay snug first and sweat out the back half of the ride? Even here in Queensland I've shivered through 3 degree temperatures riding through the valley at 7am to trails - in October.

The Warmfront Baselayer hails from Colorado, a place that knows cold, and sun. The baselayer is both simple, yet ingenious. They take a wind proof material with a waffled fleece back, and put a soft collar with a velrco closure on it. These are stitched up by hand in Colorado, and they come in a light weight version (tested here) that sells for $44.90 and a heavier weight version that sells for $49.90. Both are available in men's and women's.

The material wicks sweat away, but as there is no back to it, you won't be heating up. It's more about cutting windchill off your chest but also adding a bit more thermal warmth than a mesh backed vest would.

It's essentially a bib, and really needs bib and brace bike shorts to hold it in place. This isn't going to work under your moto-fit DH jersey. In that sense it suits the XC and gravel crowd, or anyone who rides in quality bibshorts.

The collar is really comfortable, which I wasn't certain about seeing as there is a velcro closure on the back. But it all sits against the material and I didn't feel it in use.

The Warmfront Baselayer was easy to grab and put on, and while you could put it on if you get cold when riding, or pack it in for a big day in the hills that heads south... to me it suits taking the edge off a cold morning ride before work. 

I found it easy to take off and put in my pocket once the sun was doing its job, and it takes up about as much room as a very lightweight vest. And while a lightweight vest may shrug a little bit of drizzle off, the Warmfront will actually keep you warmer if it's cold, not damp.

I think the Warmfront Baselayer is a great inclusion to the wardrobe for lots of riders, depending on your climate. Good equipment like this tends to last quite a few seasons, and for under $50 it's a great investment that might just help you get out more often.

RRP: From $44.90
From: Fullbeam Australia