Words and photo: Mike Blewitt
The world of chain lubricants is messy and sticky if you can pardon the pun. Most riders and bike mechanics will have their choices for what works for their trails, their riding, and their maintenance schedule.
Ride Mechanic are an Australian owned and run company making products here in Australia that work really well for our conditions. Ride Mechanic Bike Mix and Bike Milk are two popular mid and dry lubes, but the addition of Bike Syrup has really extended the range.
While targeted more at road and commuter cyclists, the wet chain lube is long-lasting and runs very quietly thanks to a cushioning additive. Like any chain lube, it is best to add it to a freshly degreased drivetrain, and Ride Mecahnic suggest a drop atop every 3rdroller, before backpedalling the lube in and wiping off the excess.
With a few months use I can assure you it is very quiet, and lasts very well in damp conditions. It's not the choice for super dry trails as it literally attracts dust and falls off. But for rides with lots of creek crossings or standing water it is perfect. It is difficult to choose one chain lube to rule them all – the Ride Mechanic Bike Syrup is instead an excellent addition to the rest of their range. It might seem expensive but given how much you need, the 60mL container will last you a long time.
–     Quiet and efficient drivetrain
–     Cleans up easily
–     Lasts for ages!

–     Not for all conditions

RRP: $24.95
From: ridemechanic.com.au