Words and photos by Georgina von Marburg

It’s very similar to the Summit in design and materials, except it has extra layers of thermoplastic rubber across the two outer knuckles. The last iteration of this glove did have D3O as knuckle protection; however, covering glove with D30 tends to produce a bulky (and less dexterous) product, so in my opinion, the thermoplastic is a welcome update. 

Like the Summit, the Summit PRO uses a Velcro closure around the wrist. But unlike the Summit, the wrists also utiltise elastane to hug the skin more securely. This gives a glove a premium feel, and allows for a snug fit without pressing on circulation. The fit would as impressive as the Summit, if it weren’t for the slightly elongated fingers. For some reason, these gloves have extra room at the end of the fingers, so you may need to size up or down accordingly. 

On the trail 

While I (thankfully) didn’t have the opportunity to scrape the knuckles through the dirt or against trees, I’m content the thermoplastic would prevent minor damage in a crash. The modern rider prioritises bar-feel and freedom of movement and therefore minimalism in glove design is key. So while having such thin layers of plastic as “protection” may seem like underkill, it’s the most many riders would need or want in their gloves. 

Like the rest of the Pearl iZUMi range, the Summit PRO gloves are touchscreen compatible. These worked every time without fail, even after rain or sweat had damped the fingertips. Again, the fingertips on these gloves were slightly longer so they didn’t prove quite as nimble as their sibling gloves. 

With the keener rider in mind, the Summit PRO gloves have slightly more ventilation through the palm which didn’t seem to compromise grip or fit. 

While these are definitely bulkier gloves than the Summit, they are far less bulky than many competitors in the realm of heavy-duty mountain bike gloves. If they fitted my individual fingertips slightly better, I wouldn’t hesitate to use them for more rowdy descents. 

RRP $59.99

From: pearlizumi.com


  • Premium materials 
  • Minimalist design
  • Consistent touch screen performance 


  • Long fingers