A small head light is one of the least useful items for a mountain biker at first glance. Throwing about 100 lumens at the brightest setting, I don't think I'd even be comfortable commuting with the silicone noodle that is the Knog Bandicoot. It's long, silicon design encases a few LED lights, for a red light, reading light, and a high beam and eliptical beam. Plus the strap can adjust to a wide range of head sizes (and fit on a helmet). But for me - it's not something for night riding.

The red light is ideal for all those black ops you do.

But that's ok, as the lightweight 60g light has so many other uses.

I've used this small lamp in the workshop, to peer down a seat tube to see what cable outer is catching on for routing a dropper post. It has helped me peer down frames and into hub bodies to get a more accurate idea of what's going on. My shed also probably needs better lighting!

I have used this light to walk to the shed ahead of early morning rides, or back to my house after tinkering well into the night.

Given the robust build, the Knog Bandicoot would also be an ideal companion to sit in your pack for all-day rides. Just in case. And it would be your best friend for any bikepacking trip, or for a camping based event like The Pioneer.

In use, I didn't find it ever had the power of my current go to - the Petzl Zipka. It has 300 lumens when the AAA batteries are fresh, so that's not surprising. 

But the mix of light beams, size, weight and USB charging means this is one handy light to have around. And it could be the ideal gift for the mountain biker who thinks they have everything.

RRP: $59.99

From: Knog