Words: Mike Blewitt                                                                                            Images: Phil Gale
Mountain bike gloves are not just an essential piece of protective clothing (gloveless is ’cool’ but shredded palms are not) they also let you express some personality and style. Handske gloves take that a little bit further with their limited run gloves, giving artists and designers the opportunity to have their design made into a short run of gloves, worn by cyclists around the world!


As a premium glove, Handske have the basics like fit and function nailed. A minimalist glove using material that is still strong enough for more than a short season of riding, the gloves have an exceptional fit. They’re on the thicker side, more suited to trail riding than summer XC racing. The cuff is easy to pull on and the fit is snug – but once on it’s easy to forget they are there, especially with the smart phone friendly finger – although like many gloves it doesn’t work quite as well as skin.
Gloves will always be a personal choice, but there’s not much to not like with this premium offering.
-      Comfort and fit
-      Short run designs
-      Touchscreen finger can be hit and miss
-      You pay for exclusivity
RRP: $59.99
From: leadoutsports.com