Words: Ben Morrison                                                                                  Photos: Nick Waygood

Compared to the standard Reign product line, the Reign SX is different in several ways. One of these is the amount of suspension travel going from a 170mm travel fork to 180mm travel fork, bumping the front out with a slightly slacker head angle from 64.5 degrees to 64.0 degrees. It has also increased the trail on the fork from 120mm to 123mm which will offer you a little more control and grip at speed.


The rear end keeps 160mm travel but you lose the remote lockout found on other Reign models which is a bit of a nod to the Reign SX being more about going down than going up. Giant also shifts away from a carbon frame with a full ALUXX SL alloy frame for the Reign SX coming in at a shade over 16kg including pedals for the complete bike in a medium size.


This increased travel and slacker head angle mixed with no lockout on the DVO Jade coil rear shock have made a very noticeable difference to how the Reign SX climbs. While the other versions for the Reign are not mountain goats on the climbs, they do have the lockout option. This means the Reign SX is focused squarely at those who love to shuttle and ride bike parks.