Testing and photos by Jasper Da Seymour

Fly Racing are a big global brand making parts for moto and other action sports. Mountain biking isn't left out, and you might have seen the likes of Eddie Masters and other Pivot Team riders getting around in the gear.

We've had a bunch of the Fly Racing gear out with riders and here's Jasper's take on some of the equipment.

Fly Racing Freestone Ripa helmet

Coming in three sizes and three colours, this open face helmet has 19 big vents and a moto style visor. There is some nice bug mesh at the front too to keep the bugs out of the gaping vents.

"This helmet not only looks fly but is extremely comfortable with the easy adjustment dial for your dome at the rear," said Jasper. "I didn't notice any movement and I move around a lot, the ventilation is exceptional and the additional and slightly larger than standard vents really helped keep the sweats to a minimum."

Movin' around.

The Fly Racing Freestone Ripa helmet sells for $159.95