Besides saving a bit of weight which will help your bike roll faster and carry speed, carbon wheels can offer you a controlled amount of stiffness that you simply cannot get from an alloy wheel of the same weight. It’s prevalent in other e*thirteen products we have used that when they make a product they make it with purpose; not just to say they have one in their line-up. The TRSr SL carries that trend by being one of the best carbon wheels we have used to date, especially considering the lack of proprietary marketing and construction involved. Never have we used a carbon wheel designed to take such a beating that actually delivers a noticeable affect across very small chattery bumps out on the trails.

The TRSr SL wheel set was truly a pleasure to use and they are just plain impressive. Even with what would be considered to now be on the small side of rim width, we found little to-no tyre roll when pushing our bike deep into corners. We even feel that the compliance the TRSr SL offers contributes to grip allowing you to use a semi-slick rear tyre with no issues when cornering – even cornering under brakes. This engineered compliance and can also be contributed to the springy feeling you get when a nice set of carbon wheels almost propel you through and out of a corner.

If you are look for a carbon wheel set, then the TRSr SL should be seriously considered if you’re looking to upgrade or build a new bike with some flashy carbon wheels – especially considering that these are most definitely not the most expensive wheels on the market and they very well may come with one of (if not the best) warranty and after sales services programs on the market today.


- No proprietary standards

- Easy inflation

- Smooth rolling and fast engaging hubs

- Great ride feel


- Not 30mm internal?

- Carbon is always a considerable investment

RRP: $2159.99

From: e13 Australia