Words: Ben Morrison                                                                            Photos: Nick Waygood

DMR Deathgrip Grips

DMR’s Deathgrip range was born out of a collaboration with Brendan Fairclough, the range itself isn’t entirely new but it has definitely grown over the years, now covering almost every colour you can think of with a few multi-colour marbled looking models too. You now also get the choice of thick, thin, flange, no flange, soft, hard or Race Day which leaves an absolutely amazing range of combinations to pick from.


All of the models have the same grip design, with three-quarters of the surface covered with a knurled pattern with a waffle print on the underside. The inner quarter of the grip has a ribbed pattern for extra thumb and forefinger comfort which could actually be the best part. We also see a single clamp lock-on design, with a tapered internal plastic core for additional security against slippage on those big hits.


There isn’t a lot to installing a grip. Slide it on, twist it to where it feels good in your hand and off you go. But with DMR they use a that internal tapered core for a tight fit. The best bet is to grab a rubber or soft mallet and give the grip a good few taps. Once fully on you will still be able to give it a big hard twist if you need to adjust it, but once you do up the clamp blots they are not moving anywhere.


After playing around with all models and thicknesses, I would have to say that the thick soft would be our go to as an overall best buy for glove-free riding. Both thicknesses performed well in all conditions but the thick (which isn’t super think) just gave a little less feedback from the trail. However I we never had to never pay for grips again hands down the Race Day would be the pick. They aren’t noticeably softer than the other grips but offer an even greater feel in your hand even in wet conditions, they may not be for everyone as the rubber feels like it moves around a little as it’s so soft.

RRP: $24.95