Tip 2 – One finger braking

OK, so this one is more for beginners but if you’ve been riding for any longer than 6 months and brake with 2 fingers it’s time to stop! Disc brakes these days are insanely powerful – even at the entry level. Braking with one finger gives you better control of the brakes and gives you strength where it’s needed the most; and that’s holding onto your bars. The correct setup for your brakes is critical for riding and there’s a bunch of info available about how to do it right. Take the time to try some different options with your reach adjustment, lever angles and lever placement until you come up with a setup which works for you. You’ll be amazed at the difference this can make to your riding.


Tip 3 – Set up wide and brake early for turns

I know guys who have been working on their cornering for decades. Cornering a mountain bike is a fine art and definitely takes a long time to master. If I could give just one tip for cornering though, it would be to always look for the wide entry into any turn and brake early. A wide entry opens up the turn and allows you to hit the apex and exit earlier and ultimately carry more speed out. You’ll also find that on most trails it will get you out of the “main line” and away from braking ruts. Braking early also allows you to get off the brakes earlier and carry more speed out. Once again, the world’s best gravity racers will give you the best examples of this. Take the time to watch some World Cup DH racing to see how it’s done at its best!