Step 1: Focus on the landing

The first thing you need to do is pick what you are aiming for. Here I am aiming for the transition just past the edge of the fire road. Pick it, focus on it and aim for it. Pre jumping requires a good amount of precision and the steeper the transition, the more precise you need to be.

Step 2: Time it right

Once you have your focus point, the next thing you need to do is “jump” (more correctly, it’s a bunny hop) into the transition. With the bunny hop, aim to lead with your front wheel and follow with your rear. I tend to exaggerate the lifting of the front wheel as I feel it gives me a bit more control and adjustment if my timing is a little off.  If I’m too early I hold it a little longer. If I’m too late I can push down earlier.

Step 3: Jump into the transition

Once you are airborne, the next focus point is your landing and you want to push down into the landing or transition. You also want to stay as low as possible although quite often you might need to go a little higher to get the angle right into a steeper transition. Aim to have your back wheel land just past the edge of the transition and once again, always lead with your front wheel, and follow with your rear.