Words: Colin Levitch                                                       Photos: Nick Waygood, Colin Levitch

Maydena Bike Park has a name now known around the world. My first day at Maydena was to cover the Gravity Enduro National champs. Nick Waygood and I had driven over from St Helens in the north-east the day prior and we were slated to shoot the event then hang around for a few days to explore the park before heading back to the mainland. Neither of us had previously been to Maydena, or Tasmania for that matter, and had no idea what to expect.


We ran into fellow photographer Ryan Finlay as we were headed up the mountain, and knowing his way around the park Ryan helped us hatch a plan to divide and conquer to shoot the race. "To get down to your stages you will have to ride down Skyline and Pandani," Finlay said to me as the crowded shuttle putted up the mountain. "They are technically greens, but they are definitely more of a 'dark' green."


At the summit, the door of the van slid open, and the Tasmanian climate immediately made itself known with grey skies and spitting rain, the wind was blowing a gale from the backside of the mountain. We were prepared with foul weather gear, but some of theracers who were aiming to carry as few things as possible resorted to black rubbish bags to create a barrier against the elements.


We unloaded along with some of the competitors on the day and as we rolled through the wooden arch near the top; it became immediately apparent that Finlay's description was right, these trails were anything but a leisurely cruise.