Words and Photos: Karen Hill

Healthy meals don’t have to be expensive, complicated or time-consuming - as proved by this lamb and bulgur salad. Build your own adventure towards a higher vegetable intake, even protein intake and adjust your carbohydrate intake to suit your training/activity level (or lack of it). 

Protein portions should be evenly spread throughout the day to provide an even intake of amino acids to your muscles. Carbohydrate intake should be varied from different grains and starchy vegetables and match your activity levels. Fat intake comes from plant based omega 3 sources. 

Build your own adventure provides a framework for achieving balanced meals. 

Ingredients (serves one)

100g Lamb rump
*Choose red meat 3 times per week
*Choose non meat protein sources for vegetarian and/or vegan options

1 cup of cooked bulgur (super quick and easy to cook)
*Grains provide essential vitamins and minerals for athletes 

-    1 medium carrot
-    1 small beetroot
-    4 florets of broccoli
-    30g of walnuts (roughly choppped)
-     up of crumbled fetta
-    Drizzle flaxseed oil + balsamic vinegar


-    Cook bulgur according to packet instructions
-    Heat non-stick frying pan or Weber Q (so you don’t have to wash dishes) to cook your protein source.
-    Chop all salad ingredients and toss together in a bowl, while protein and carbohydrate sources are cooking.
-    Serve and enjoy.