Words: Chris Panozzo                                                                                  Photos: Dominic Hook

Can you be prepared enough? Short answer, no.

This is a bucket list race, so with that in mind you can never be too prepared. You will be in the mix with up to four thousand other riders throughout the week and while there are copious amounts of help within the village from traders and shops, you will need to be prepared.

The Basics

Megavalanche has become a week-long destination trip, and it’s worth it. If you get the full entry at approximately $200 Australian you get a 7-day lift pass, that's serious value. There is a big entry pack full of goodies, lunch after your qualifying heat on Friday and depending on your result, lunch after racing on Saturday or Sunday. Bargain. These are all minor things you can find out on the website though, along with what to do should you want a rest from 7 days straight riding, but really who cares about that. If you are going you will be riding until you can’t move.


Flying in from Australia makes smart packing essential, you have limited space and weight which normally means you agonise over what to take. Follow these tips and you will at least feel confident on paper that you have things covered. Alpe d’Huez is one of the most famous cycling destinations in the world, most known for its famous road climb in late July (Le Tour), early July brings thousands to ride its insane peaks of snow and dirt.

Hoshi Yochida


Located toward the Italian border side of France, your holiday will most likely take you other places than just this race, so I will leave out what airports and hotels are close by or best to hit up, other than to say fork out the extra few dollars and get the half board option on offer at nearly every lodge in Alpe d’Huez, having breakfast and dinner taken care of by someone else will make your week that much more enjoyable, and the price is only marginally different to room only.

The 2019 Megavalanche will be held between 8-14 July - more info HERE

The real important information to know before entering is enter early! The earlier you enter the better grid position you get for your heat. You can state your credentials in the hope that they place you near the front, but keep in mind there are up to 4000 others that are doing the same. The last thing to mention is not to get overawed by the experience, Aussies are quick so enjoy yourself and give’em hell!