Technical Nature

The Dunsborough Country Club trails work as a long continuous loop around the edges of the golf course. This for the most part feels like an XC race course. Hand-built, it is mostly medium pace, tight and fun. However it offers more than that with lots of interesting A-Line structures often beautifully constructed by a jigsaw of rocks.

It’s enjoyable for all levels. There is also a pump track and advance jump line (big doubles) next to the clubhouse. The Meelup reserve trails probably fit into the new Flow trails category. Wide, machine-built for modern enduro/trail style bikes with slack head angles. They’re fast, with berms to help maintain speed for jumps, but the trail can also be unpredictable to keep new riders guessing what is around the corner.  

You’ll Need

A modern trail bike will be suitable for both areas. The single most important choice is tyres. Those with an XC style rig will be better suited to the country club trails (but still capable of riding Meelup). Those with a bigger bike will enjoy the Meelup trails more, although neither areas are steep up or down.

This area is slippery in the dry, even by WA standards. Wide tyres with low pressure is wise. Widely spaced high knobs increase penetration into the pea gravel. If you are pushing the jumps and berms on the Meelup trails, proper protection including pads would be in order as there are some big structures and high speed and the ground is slippery. This area can be hot and dry so make sure you bring water.  


The XC loop from the country club is about 11km depending on what bits you do, but you only climb about 130 metres. The Meelup reserve currently has around 7km of trail, with double that planned - bringing Meelup’s total up to 21km (again without much gradient to climb and descend on).  

Local Knowledge

It’s all about the tyres you roll as we’ve already mentioned. Getting on the trail after a bit of rain helps with the grip on the loose pea gravel as these trails are slower in the dry. There are some locals who are very concerned about orchids, so make sure you don’t go stomping around the bush and stick to the trails. Check with the local shop about group rides or Fat Duck Cycles in the nearby Busselton who sometimes offer group rides.

Best Time of Year

Pretty much any time of year except summer. Spring with the wildflowers in the Meelup reserve is stunning. 

While in the area

There is so much singletrack to ride nearby. Secret Whicher, Middle Earth or all the trails at Margaret River. Some of Australia’s best surf spots are only minutes away at places like Yallingup. Whale watching is popular in this area. Places like Bunker Bay are great spots for a coffee and to get your toes in the sand. Meelup Beach is just around the corner and a brilliant spot for a post ride recovery. Or just to admire one of the finest swimming beaches in Western Australia. 

Local Bike Shops 

Bike Shed Dunsborough, 1/10 Clark Street Dunsborough

Local Club Contacts

Cape Mountain Bikers:


Technical: 3

Fitness: 2

Cross Country: 3 

Trail: 4

All-Mtn: 3 

Downhill: 1

Jump: 4