Once you have your pass collected and have signed on it's time to hit the 430m vertical climb of the chairlift. From the chairlift riders will have a great vantage point to see “Handle the Jandle”, “Airtearoa” and “Lord of the Possums” directly below and Sections of “Choir Boy” as it snakes parallel to the Dyers Pass Road which follows the ridgeline above the park.



From the top of the park heading down the left ridge takes riders to the green and flow trails like “Duncan’s Donuts” and “Lord of the Possums” or black jump lines such as “Double Overhead Cam”

These trails are hard packed, well maintained and fast. Take time to scope out the lines before going all out as on the expert lines there are blind drops and jumps and the occasional wind gusts that come up from the valley as these obstacles come up fast and often in quick succession.



Heading right takes riders along some seriously fast sections that traverse parallel to Dyers Pass Road with some rocky features and switchbacks with epic view back across Christchurch. Once reaching Pioneer’s Hub its back into the trees for arguably the best trails in the park. “Loess Rider” is a blue graded trail that can be enjoyed by all levels of rider while “Shredzilla” and “Karma Sutra” showcase the rocky and root covered chutes that we associate with New Zealand. If you want to buzz those shorts on the rear tyre, these trails are for you.



When maximum levels of stoke have been attained and you physically can’t hold onto the bars, it is time to head to the Handle Bar and café and use the last remaining strength to down a pint or two. The food available at the Handle Bar is way above average in terms of bar food, with local events and functions being held here the kitchen is well equipped to cater for the simple needs of weary mountain bikers. As the sun goes down, sit back and relax on the deck and talk of a day to remember.