Words and Photos: Dominic Hook

Crankworx is an event known for its amazing locations that bring incredible mountain biking talent from across the globe to compete or ride for fun in gravity events. Witnessing the skill level of top riders up close is a huge part of why people dig Crankworx and travel from far and wide to get on site for all the action.
I’ve been to Crankworx Rotorua for the past 4 years and don’t get me wrong, the above mentioned reasons for going are well worth the trip across the ditch, not to mention all the riding opportunities. However an even stronger attraction to Crankworx is the interaction with such a vast variety of cycling industry experts, athletes and enthusiasts all in one place, over the course of 9 days. You find yourself meeting a huge amount of people all in the same place for the same reason, but with different origin stories, tales and perspectives on the bike world to share.
This year at Crankworx I focused on documenting a few of the people I interacted with, rather than just covering what happened between the tape. Hailing from different realms in the bike industry, we talked about the life of a professional racer, how having kids has effected racing at the top level and a different perspective on the growth of mountain biking.
All these photos were taken in the moment, allowing the subject to feel comfortable in their own skin. I think these portraits complement the text nicely, by helping you to put a face to the words you’re reading and see a little deeper into the subjects world, almost enabling you to jump through the pages and into the conversation with them yourself.
With the world becoming more digital and fleeting day by day, it’s been nice to isolate and highlight these insights from my interactions with the subjects. Taking this on has enabled me to have a deeper connection with and share these interesting perspectives from some industry legends with a wider audience.