Sumo stance Deadlift

1. Stand with your toes pointing forwards or slightly turned out. Place a kettlebell or dumbbell (placed vertically) on the ground in between your feet level with your ankles.

2. Hinging at the hips (think about keeping the hips high and pushed back behind you) reach down and grab hold of the weight. Your knees should bend, but the primary movement here is the hips. Engage you lats, by trying to pull your shoulder blades down your back into an imaginary set of rear pockets on your jeans. If you are using a kettlebell the same engagement of the lats can be achieved by trying to snap the handle of the kettlebell in two, you will feel your upper back switch on when you do this.

3. Keeping the spine neutral, lift the kettlebell off the floor, by driving the feet into the floor and driving with the hips.


4. From the top down, control the hinge and place the kettlebell back in the starting position. Return your body to the starting position without the kettlebell. Then repeat. If you are tall and/or have short arms, then you might want to place the kettlebell on a block to make the hinge more achievable.