Words: Mark Fenner

It has been a while since I have written for the AMB and I am stoked to be back. I hope to bring articles with a focus on helping you become better riders and generally increase the froth you all have on the bike. Being fitter, stronger and faster is not just the realm of the elite pros it is within the grasp of every rider to enhance the riding experience. We are going to cover a gamut of topics from FTP Training riders like Josh Carlson and his training for Enduro riding. Race preparation and tips for Marathon riding with Cam Ivory and what it takes to tackle your first stage race like The Pioneer.
In this first article I have engaged the expertise of one of FTP Training’s coaches and strength and conditioning guru Sarah Hunter. During the 30 or so years I have been coaching athletes my thoughts about strength and conditioning for cycling have changed in line with more current literature. I used to believe if a rider had only limited time to train then it was more beneficial to just ride the bike. Working with so many elite and age group riders has shown just how beneficial strength and conditioning training can be not only to performance, but, also in injury prevention and general strength and overall health.