Getting ready to Rumble

Getting to Sri Lanka was actually very easy, with direct flights with Sri Lankan Airlines from Melbourne to Colombo, followed by a short cab ride to the beachside town of Negombo where the event head quarters is.

Waking up after arriving at the Catamaran Hotel lead to bumping into friends from other events, getting my bike together and going for a ride down the coast. There’s nothing quite like getting onto your bike and even just going out for a road ride after getting off a plane. With other riders everything was discussed. Immunisations, expectations, what to eat, where to get coffee, gearing for the climbs, and whether anyone had read the wild elephant protocol.

Ajay picking up his race plate.

The race starts away from the coast, and the event entry includes coach transfers to the start and finish – and the coach rides give you a box seat to the colour and life of Sri Lanka. In fact once the race begins, your entry fee covers just about everything except lunch, massage and drinks.