The big blue Shimano container is hard to miss in the pits at the Mountain Bike World Championships in Cairns. Alongside the new product in the air-conditioned container is a string of blue tents, where Shimano athletes from around the globe are getting the mechanical assistance required to make sure their bikes are running faultlessly.

After the first couple of days of the World Championships, we know it's dry, more rocks are appearing, and the ground is unforgiving for riders and bikes if they hit it. We dropped in to see Jason Morgan from Shimano, to ask what has been keeping them busy.

"Bleeding brakes has been our number one job, espeically for downhillers," said Morgan, as yet another downhill bike made it into the stand.

The Shimano tents are equipped with PRO Tools tool boxes, but it's the brake bleed bucket and syringe that are being used a lot.

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"We're putting new pads in for a lot of riders and sometimes changing calipers, and obviously cassettes and chains." It's the end of the season, so plenty of riders bikes are showing the strains of a whole season of racing.

"We're resetting calipers too, but also straightening derailleur hangers," says Morgan. "Most bikes here have been pretty flogged. We're also doing plenty of adjustments on gears."

Just like when we spoke to Pierre-Alexandre Roche yesterday about Loris Vergier's Santa Cruz, the racing is hard on brakes, and keeping them running drag free is a priority.

"We're having a few crashes so we are replacing bent rotors, and even from packing. The first few days we were helping out with damage after travel issues."